Desi Sulca is an award winning digital video content creator that currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

They own an LLC and provide digital video services (from ideation, pre-producing, casting, directing, DP’ing and editing.) With over 50+ million views on their content, they specialize in curating and executing digital branded campaigns, marketing campaigns and editorial content for all digitals spheres.

While they adore documentaries (what they studied in school), they're also enamored with all things digital and social.

Past clients include: Condé Nast (TEEN VOGUE, GLAMOUR, SELF, GQ), Amazon, Univision’s Flama, BuzzFeed Branded, BuzzFeed Editorial, BuzzFeed News, Billboard, Us Weekly, Lesbians Who Tech, Metro PCS, Estrella Jalisco, VH1 digital, Bushwig.

LINKEDIN: https://linkedin.com/in/defoote/